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Director General NADRA Mir Alam Khan is trying to resolve public grievances. Ikramuddin

GERMAN:(International Desk) According to a foreign news agency head of Jazba -e-Ittehad Union of Journalists Europian Organization and Chief Executive Global Times News Agency Europe Ikram Uddin said that Director General NADRA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mir Alam Khan has always taken practical and concrete steps to solve the problems and difficulties faced by the people with regard to National Identity Card and has played an excellent role in realizing the problems and finding solutions of public problems. He added that in the past in NADRA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa problems and difficulties of the people were increasing day by day. Since Mir Alam Khan Director General NADRA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been performing his duties as DG since then, public complaints regarding NADRA National Identity Card have decreased significantly. The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are proud of the excellent performance and character of a dutiful officer like Mir Alam Khan. Ikramuddin, Head Jazba-e-Ittehad Union of Journalists & Chief Executive Times-News Agency Europe, said in a press statement that the NADRA department is taking steps to ensure better facilities for Pakistani citizens as well as to formulate more flexible policies, which is commendable.

He told that the Interior Ministry and Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik should expedite the legal action against the issuance of the NADRA National Identity Card to foreigners so that legal action could be taken against people involved in getting fake and illegal NICs and these traitors can be arrested as soon as possible and punished severely. He said that on public complaints, NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik and the investigating agencies should crackdown on those involved in issuing foreign and illegal national identity cards and take action against such culprits in other cities of the country as well. It is very commendable to execute legal action and arrests.

As per the directions of NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik, the National Data Registration Authority (NADRA) of Pakistan, with the help of investigative agencies, has issued notice across the country against the illegal production of these national and international identity cards in which officers of NADRA department were also involved which is really applaudable. He said that on the instructions of Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik action has been taken against 39 officers of NADRA in Karachi for their involvement in the issuance of fake identity cards which is a great success, achievement, and progress in the history of the NADRA Department. He further added that NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik should ensure such departmental actions in other provinces and cities which is need of the hour so that anti-national elements and criminals involved in making and getting fake/illegal national identity cards could be accused and likewise punished.